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How do you reuse paper in your home?Ask residents to share their stories of inequality in the workplace, and whether they view women and men as being equal.New Years Eve Noise Makers : How to Make Noise Makers Ideas for Children - My kids have yet to make it to midnight on New Years Eve, but this year my son is determined to stay up well see!

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well. Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrim Hat - - You won't believe how easy it is to make this fun Thanksgiving place card holder that looks like a Pilgrim's hat. TIP: Click on the following days of the month to see activity ideas for that specific day. You could even paint a paper plate blue for the moat around the castle. Host an impromptu Bible study with her as you share a few facts about angels in the Bible. Borrow the book from your local library or read it online. Then cut the cardboard roll in half, length-wise, as seen in the picture above. Illuminated Paper Mache Letter, apart from living spaces and bedrooms, these fancy letters can be used for decorating kitchens and entryways. Since the seedling pots are biodegradable, you can just break them up and bury them when you plant the seedlings in your garden. He's easy to make but so effective - perfect rock paper scissors programming qb64 for decorating the house for Chinese New Year this year! Bedside: Tell Me a Story On this World Photography Day, share photos from the 1950s with your resident and have her create a story about the picture. After making this single paper mache letter, you will realize the versatility of old newspapers that are most of the time stashed in the storeroom or sold off. Back to Activity Calendar 21 Hawaii became the 50th state (1959) National Senior Citizens Day National Sweet Tea Day Crafts: Grass Skirts Provide residents with plastic tablecloths to make Hawaiian skirts to wear for the upcoming Hula Dance on this day that Hawaii became the.

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homework Trash to Treasure In recognition of this National Garage Sale Day. Have your residents stand behind the third line and can use a broom to putt a golf ball so that it lands in between the two parallel lines. Creamsicle Break Celebrate this National Creamsicle Day by passing out creamsicles for residents to enjoy on this hot. The car uses recycled tubes, virginia Crafts, how Many Shades of Green Can You Find. Bedside, an English author of fishing treatises. Summer day, next, table Bowling For this National Bowling Day. Have your resident choose Washi tape colors and create a design onto paper that can be framed and hung on her wall.

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Sensory Stimulation, toilet Roll Advent Calendar, pass around photos of beautiful backyard vegetable gardens for residents to toilet paper roll pinata compare to their own gardens of the past. OneonOne, pennsylvania, snow Mobile Showcase your favorite winter sports with this oneofakind Snow Mobile. Since it uses paper towel tubes this craft also provides kids with a great introduction to the idea of recycling. Host a vintage tea party for your residents featuring a vintage tea set with cups and saucers. Invite your residents to participate in a fun chocolate personality test. Hula Contest Pass out the grass skirts that were made earlier for residents to wear as you teach them how to hula dance on this anniversary of Hawaiiapos. Use a sponge brush to paint one side of the leaves before pressing the leaves onto paper to make the prints. Chocolate Personality Test In recognition of this birthday of Henri Nestlé.

Either use your local newspaper or pull up the daily horoscope on a tablet for your resident to read.Cardboard Tube Red Firecrackers - - A common decoration during Chinese New Year is a string of red firecrackers.Reminiscing: Which One is Ripe?

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Allow the finished cards to dry before having residents save them as stationery.