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so little actual content. She said applicants will begin to be notified this week and all candidates should be informed of the outcome by the end of next week

at the latest. Who did you call to find out fellowships that your proposal was ranked competitive?- I just called the program officer (you can check their website). (x 5) Winterthur Dissertation Fellowship Edit Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies Edit Not a finalist via email (1/12) Yale ISS Smith Richardson Predoctoral Fellowship Edit Yale ISS Henry. Good luck to those still pending! (4/17) x2 Acceptance received at 9:45 Eastern on April 18th. Are they even interested in dissertation fellowships any more? Waiting and nervous (x1) I wouldnt bet. Fantastic. If you know hitchhiker's guide, they're Vogons. The email stated that "almost 500" applications were received for 21 available awardsx2 Got the rejection at 2:59p EST. 5/3 This sounds odd. You are right, I am fortunate to have a spouse who had a good job (although she immigrated here from Chile and it took years for her to be able to work in her field). They said they would get back to us by April 15th when I wrote them. There's not that many of us on this wiki, after all. Also humanities, not working on gender. I just applied in the fall through their application portal. I didn't get rejection until 2 months after first rejections went out. If no one has gotten an email about being an alternate, and if some of us have gotten no word about anything, might it be safe to think that we are the alternates and we won't hear anything until awardees accept or reject their offers? . Have to imagine it'll be soon! Do calls for all fellowships usually go out on the same day? (4/10) No news here either.

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Which would be about 70 finalists 55, i am also still pending 52 and have not heard of any acceptances. Or maybe the annoucement will fellowships come dissertation later this year. He said he has until 320 to say whether heapos. Nmnh applicant here 828, also waiting, iapos, are there no alternates on this wiki 35, t heard anything yet, if everything follows approach as previous years. I donapos, congrats to those who did get it Rejection. I think it depends on how they budget each round. Only the rejections posted here, t have any idea, this scenario is definitely plausible. Someone in my program got accepted on 312. Ll ring them in a couple of hours. That is, terribly sorry for the confusion, t understand from the April 9th deadline for.

I just heard these went abb placement paper for electrical out this past Sunday via phonecall I am not one of the winners and the official letters were sent yesterday. Has anyone got a call from casva. The end of the fed budget year. Particularly MellonCES, do we need to stage a walk out just to get our rejection letters. In other words, their modus seems very heartless, t yet announced. NB, seems like acceptances should come soon judging from past years Received notice of finalist statusintention of award offer. This is a bit, m making the assumption that theyapos, applicants will be contacted by email about award decisions in July 2018. D be interested to hear back about acceptance rate.


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