100-Yard Paper Rocket Launcher: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

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Solder the wire ends to the leads on the bottom of the button.Wrap teflon tape around each of the 3/4 male threaded x 3/4 female slip PVC adapters.Your encouragement for creativity and learning, plus the super simple form factor are awesome.

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will go very high but then come right back down. Be extra cautious here. Use a bright rope to define a safety zone that the students may never cross even while loading their rocket. Fins that extend too far from the fuselage are prone to wobbling in the wind, causing instability. R/C toy or power tool battery. Slip the washer and nut over the button, inside the PVC cap, and tighten the nut using a pair of needlenose pliers. Illustration by Nik Schulz. Mark a 3 1/2 piece 1 from the bottom, mark a 12 piece 2 from the top, line them up, and sandwich them together using a C-clamp. 60psi is enough to achieve spectacular results. The student holding the button should keep his/her trigger finger off of the button until the final countdown is initiated. And with that in mind, here's how to make a high-performing rocket: Step 4: How the Valve System Works. Connect the air pump to the hose and pump up to about 75psi. Show Some Love - Tip insane66. Common design flaws, fins that are not attached straight, or the leading tip of the fin is not secured, will cause the rocket to tumble at high speeds. G 2 PVC pipe, 10 length, h 3/4 PVC pipe, 3 and 4 lengths. Braxton Howard at Kickstarter. Repeat and on the other side. My 12 year old assembled the launcher in less that 30 minutes and we were out shooting off rockets in the front yard, backyard, driveway. This is very serious. Simply wire the button, 1 or 2 9V batteries, and the wires from the electronic sprinkler valve together in a single series. Tape the wire for the button to the vertical support of the launch tower. Clamp a 3 1/2 length to the 15 length as shown. Your air launch system is complete!

Youapos, v Hose clamps, dont glue it, drill a 14 hole in africa the middle of one 34 PVC slip end cap. An Afternoon Complexity 8V, a power tool or RC toy battery will work. At point blank, a rocket shot from the launcher can towels cause serious injury. And drill a 12 hole in the middle of the other to accommodate the button switch. Release the pressure by pressing the launch button with the battery connected.

Curl the nose cone around to toilet paper holder bicycle overlap the dotted section. Never stand directly in front of pearl metallic uv coated paper the launcher. Iapos, make THE AIR hose AND test THE launch system. Line up the launch tower on the marks 12 in from either side, the Teacher Contest 4 People Made This Project. M so excited about this project, you can wire in a second 9V battery to get the launcher up to 100psi. It is well worth the initial investment because the paper rocket activity is very cheap. Connect the remaining battery connector to the remaining lead on the sprinkler valve. Through the existing holes in the plywood.

Now were going to assemble and attach the air hose to the launcher.Its legal in a big city, reusable, clean, and can be launched even in high winds on a small field.Step 1: Materials List, please message me to report broken links.

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When you press the button, you should hear the sprinkler valve click open and closed.