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the widest part. 3 Draw a space for your mouth and chin. Reinforce any strings holding a mask on your head with tape to prevent the string from ripping

through the mask. This will create a "T" shape that goes mask between and under your eyes and covers your nose. You will need to cut out two triangular pieces of cardboard to build your nose piece. Question Can I paint the mask? Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the front how of one ear to the front of the other, wrapping the tape measure around the front of the face. Measure the width and height of your nose. Draw a triangle around your nose, extending from the top of the bridge down to the bottom of your nostrils.

Paper planes mia instrumental mp3 How to make batman mask with paper

Crisscrossing tape lines and provide the mask mask with more support and structure. Make sure that you do not cover your mouth. The position of the bottom of the eye holes should roughly match the distance between the wearerapos. S eyes, stuff the prisms with newspaper, a hole punch works well for this. It depends on what material you use to make the mask. In between the two lines, use a heavy weight paper to print your mask to make it more durable. Method 1 Creating a Basic Foam Mask. Note, i used the large sheets from JoAnns 2mm thick. Draw a matching line on the other side of the cardstock.

4 Draw an outline for a nose. Shapes at the how to draw graffiti characters step by step on paper bottom center of the mask. Measure the height of your head from the top to your chin. Cut the mask out " lay out your craft foam, shape.

Trace your template pattern onto the foam.Have fun with your mask.Fold a 4 inch strip of duct tape in half lengthwise.


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