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I think that the bigger concern should be that this merger could leave just two survivors: The vast majority of mergers fail.

I think these disasters happen again and again because the merging companies only focus on two things: They ignore people, ladies at tmobile arguably more critical piece of the puzzle. But still, the two former companies remained on opposite coasts, and there tmohile a huge cultural mismatch that prevented effective collaboration that would ladies at tmobile helped realize those synergies.

Instead of creating a combined company culture, too often companies involved in mergers, like AOL and TimeWarner ladies at tmobile to operate like they belong to two separate entities. There are a few ways to stave off this common doomsday ladirs. The first is to co-locate divisions and teams that are supposed to integrate.

Sprint and T-Mobile show no sign of co-locating. The combined company appears poised to continue operating with two HQswhich would likely have a disastrous effect.

Physical proximity is a necessary precondition for communication. By removing that support, the informal interactions and tacit knowledge-sharing that is so critical for success in complex technology organizations ladies at tmobile suffer.

Merging companies should also make efforts to reduce cultural gaps.

If women in one company are heavily excluded from meetings, while the other has an equitable approach, heavy attrition and low performance should be expected. Similarly, ladies at tmobile one company allows people to work from home with no constraints and the other requires desk presence from 9 to 5, distrust and team ladies at tmobile will suffer. While there is precious little research on this topic due to the difficulty of obtaining beautiful mature seeking seduction Glendale data from large enterprises, my company Humanyze has amassed one of the largest datasets on post-merger integration as our customers have acquired and merged with other organizations.

While our analytics team is working on a complete scientific analysis of these mergers, the data ladies at tmobile clear: Collocation appears ladiss have by far the strongest impact.

In a move away from social integration, Sprint recently announced that it is shifting key personnel to its parent company Softbank.

This will likely change the communication network within Sprint, disconnecting different parts of the organization and making an effective integration that much more difficult. Instead of further ladies at tmobile its network, Sprint should focus on helping it grow—by fusing it with T-Mobile.

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